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Thread: New Clamps

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    New Clamps

    The other day i picked up my 1st set of Bessey K-Body Clamps.

    I got 2 24in, 2 40in, and the KP blocks. Rockler advertised this as a set for about $160. However, they didn't have them as a box set, so one of the sales guys took all of the seperate items and rang them out as the package. It actually came out to about $2 less than the price in the catalog.

    Here you can see I already have the 24in'ers hard at work on a cutting board I'm doing.
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    I got mine a while back (Thanks again Greg Cook) and boy they are a step above the cheapo F-clamps I'm used to.

    Nice cutting board too!
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    Sean, you are right....the Bessey K-Body's are great!!! And going on personal experience gained this week, after gluing up four of that exact same cutting board at one time, you will soon find that you will need more....QUICKLY!!!

    - Keith

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    Congratulations! I trust that you will continue to get good results from these clamps. I find the Bessey K-body clamps a little finicky to use but well worth the effort.
    Cheers, Frank

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    That kit is the first set of parallel clamps I ever bought (back a few years). They taught me the joys of K-Body (and the like) clamps. Very nice.
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    You are going to love them Sean. I work mine to death!


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    Yeah, using good parallel clamps for the first time is an eye-opening event. May as well start saving your lunch money now Sean, because you will wanting more of them.
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    Bessey K body clamps

    I have four 24" , four 30" and four 48" K-body clamps and love em! I want
    to get some 12" clamps but will have to order them. My local woodworking
    dealer has started carrying JET parallel clamps and has some 12" clamps in
    stock. I prefer the Bessey clamps but have read good things about the
    JET clamps. Any one have the JET clamps? If so, let me know what you
    think about them and whether they are as good as the Besseys.

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    Bessey K body clamps are real nice. I don't have any but they are real nice.

    So what is the consensus on the Jet clamps? I kinda like the way they look & operate from what I've seen in the store.
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    I've got several Besseys and a half dozen or so of the Jets. They both work fine, but i find that i reach for the Jets more often. The quick release lever is really handy, the jaws are wider and deeper, the handles fit my hand better, and the bench dogs that screw into them are really useful when glueing up panels. The inch markers on them are something i never use, but i guess, like everything else, that's just a matter of preference.
    The Jets aren't polished up as nicely as the Besseys, but they work just as well. If you like the Besseys better than the Jets, you might look at the Woodcraft line that came out this past year. It's made by Bessey, and is essentially the same as the K-body clamps except that the bar is painted, not nickle plated. They are a bit less expensive as well.
    Paul Hubbman

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