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Thread: Kitchen Remodel Finally Done!!

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    Kitchen Remodel Finally Done!!

    This is what I have been up to for the last year and what has limited my time in the shop other than staining and poly. It was prolonged with a disc problem in my back for several months and then hampered by travel in the spring and summer for the real job. But at last it is done. Basically it was just an old kitchen that needed updated. I ripped out the old bulkhead above the old cabinets, removed all the cabinetry did some ceiling repair work, took the front window apart and installed new glass and replaced all the wood casing and then new crown moldings, floor and door casings, newly hung door etc. The new cabinets are unfinished oak that I stained and poly'd ( man did I get sick of that), made some crown molding for the uppers and the end caps for the cabinets I made from unfinished oak doors that I cut to size to mimick higher end cabinets. I put 2 cabinets together for a work center/breakfast bar type thing. Countertops are corian except the breakfast bar which is laminate. I learned a ton doing this kitchen, learned to do some plumbing work like putting shut offs and moving the copper around etc. Applicances are all new. About the only thing I didn't do in this kitchen is the floor... I left that to the pros. Don't blame me for the color, that's what the boss wanted and since she signs all power tool vouchers, that is what she got Now I can get to some shop work and I hope I can be more active on the forum as well. Wife is happy and I am happy to have it done. Wish I had taken more pics of the tear out and before... it's certainly nothing hi end. Just a nice modest kitchen.
    Here is the link and thanks for looking!

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    Corey, that looks beautiful! (it also looks like a ton of work!!)
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    Looks nice, and I agree lots of work. But you did good. And orange isn't bad....if your a UT or Tenn fan! Jim.
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    Cory....Extremely well done! Gorgeous! I hope my wife doesn't see that!

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    Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it!


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    That is beautiful and it has got to feel great.
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    Thanks Glenn, I appreciate it!


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    That's a work to be proud of Corey.

    I will bet that while they gather many envious and admiring glances, no one will ever see them in quite the same way as you do.

    And by that I mean the satisfaction of a job well done.


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    Thanks Don, I appreciate the kind words!


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    That looks great Corey, and boy does it ever look like a lot of work, but you stuck to it and got it done

    Thanks for sharing, good pics too!
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