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Thread: Segmented Chinese Elm HF

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    Segmented Chinese Elm HF

    I tried some segmenting several years ago without much success. I decided to try again and it worked better this time. Nothing fancy, just 6 rings of 8 pieces each.

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    Very nice, Curt. For a single species of wood, it has a lot of interesting stuff to look at, and the form carries it all very nicely.
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    Curt, that is a great looking segmented hollowform. You do segmented work as well as you do everything else. I recommend you do more segmented work just to provide the eye candy for the rest of us. Look out Mark and Malcolm....
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    You did well. Someday for me, maybe.
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    Curt that is a great looking piece. I like it. Well done.
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    This I Like!!!

    What makes this HF stand out to me is simply the way you staggered the joint lines. Most segmented pieces have the joint rings set so that everything intersects at the midsection of the piece below it - if that makes sense. This creates a whole series of right angle lines all over the segmented item. While I attempt to have near perfect right angles when doing flatwork - I find it distracting to view those same angle lines on a turned piece. The staggered joints on this HF allows me (us) to see the form and appreciate the wood.

    To me this is beautiful work and as such I have already saved it to my favorites. Looking forward to seeing more very soon!


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    Usually I'm not a real big fan of segmented work, but I really like this piece. Like Steve said, it's the different angles all over the piece and the use of one type of wood really sets it off.

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