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Thread: Traveling water and vertigo..........

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    Traveling water and vertigo..........

    The only room in our house that has an unfinished wall and a partially poorly finished ceiling is the utility room. As long as it's not finished, the basement is considered "partially finished" for property tax purposes.....

    Did I mention I hate plumbing?

    All of the major plumbing lines including the main sewer lines and water distribution lines are in the ceiling of the utility room. For reasons of easy access, I don't think I'll ever finish the ceiling or at best, use a removeable tile ceiling just so I have access....or the plumber has access in my forthcoming old age...."I'm tired of doing plumbing.....I hate plumbing" stage in life. I filled a bucket up to go to the shop to sponge the mud joints on the ceiling when the LOML comes to me and says there water all over the top of the freezer in the utility room. "Oops"....I forgot to shutoff the outside domestic water cutoff valve right over the freezer and open up the outside valve so the line can drain"'s not been cold enough to freeze that line yet...Did I mention I hate plumbing?..I hoist my 265 lb body upon top the chest freezer water on the valve or any of the lines...but water on top the wall board an earlier home owner had partially put on the ceiling.....We check under the sinks and the toilet upstairs which is immediately above the freezer in the utility room.....nope....Back up on top the freezer......VERTIGO.....lay down and rest...Did I mention I hate plumbing?...back up on top the freezer.....a drop of water hits me on the arm and it's not coming from under the water's coming from around a nail in the upstairs subfloor......Back upstairs to the kitchen...pull out the fridge with the water and ice dispenser....Yup.......puddle of water on the vinyl floor under the fridge.......take the lower back off the fridge.....little plastic hose that provides water to the icemaker via a control solenoid...pulls right out quite easily from it's compression fitting.........

    Reterminate the line...connect it up.....empty the icemaker to force the control solenoid to push water through the line..No leaks.....Yes!

    Did I mention I hate plumbing?

    I'll quit whining now....back to the football game.....Go Colts!
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    Yep. My last plumbing joy was a leaking line to the shower valve in our freshly remodeled bathroom--the only thing I didn't change out. Luckily I was able to replace everything without cutting open the wall using PEX, which is what I'll be using for all plumbing going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    Did I mention I hate plumbing?
    So, Ken
    tell us, how do you feel about plumbing?:

    The LOML and I bought a side by side fridge this summer, and I never got around to plumbing the water line to it. Finally got it done the other day, without having to cut into the water lines. There was originally a washer/drier in the kitchen, so I simply hooked up a hose bib, with a reducer and then the plastic line. Had to tear it apart several times as it kept leaking, finally got it under control.

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    My first home improvement project here at the first house was the installation of a utility sink in the basement.

    After learning to solder pipe, I then figured I'd run some copper for compressed air. Since it was for air, I figured I'd get some cheap solder. Turns out that apparently I am only able to solder with the expensive silver bearing stuff as the utility sink went fine and the air lines were a complete disaster that never got finished.

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    Well at least the plumbing seems to have come out successfully!

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    Thank you, Ken. You've just reinforced my belief that a water hookup to the fridge is a bad idea. Glad I don't have one.

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