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Thread: Home Made Handles

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    Home Made Handles

    I've been low key lately, family and work matters have kept my shop time to a minimum, but it looks like things are beginning to settle down and I've gotten back to the shop.

    I bought some unhandled tools from David Ellsworth and Doug Thompson and turned my own handles. I'm pretty sure the wood is ash. Three of the ferrels are made from threaded brass fittings, one from a 3/4" copper coupler. Either one works just fine. The copper is a little easier without the threads. I threaded the brass on the handle coated with epoxy, the copper is epoxy.

    As you can see, I like longer handles. My theory is you can always choke up on the grip, but once you get to the end that's it. The two gouge handles are 19" long, and the Ellsworth's are 22 and 23" long. The (store bought) Crown pro pm Ellsworth with the black handle is added for reference.

    I really like them, they fit my grip and are very comfortable for me. It was a fun project, looking forward to doing some more in the near future.
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    They look great Tony!

    That wood certainly looks like Ash to me.

    one point, the copper Ferrel is too long, IMHO, I think it would look better and be stronger if it was half the length.

    Copper turns really easy with your wood turning tools, just remove the jaws from one of your chucks, then put the ferrel into the chuck carriers, they will hold it fine, and using a parting too, on it's side you can easily cut the ferrel in two.

    Still, it should serve you fine just as it is, I'd not change it, just offering up an opinion.

    I like turning my own handles so I can make them all somewhat different, that way you have a better chance of finding it when you need it.

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    Good Stuff !

    Real nice handles! Makes for a nice feeling using what you made to make more stuff.
    Don Orr

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    Tony you did a great job on those. They are beauties.
    Bernie W.

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    Tony, those look great! What type of finish did you use on them? I done some with an oil finish and others with nothing and just let my hand "oils" get worked in.
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    Thumbs up AWESOME!!

    Those are beautiful, Tony. Really cool making your own, eh! Oops, sorry, a little too Canadian there.

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    Real nice, Tony. I'm a big fan of DIY tools and handles, and these are nice as any. I'm partial to ash, too. Love those strong grain lines!


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    Look Good Tony

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    Had a Sorby handle break just last week! So, I guess I'll give it a whirl turning me one! Just have to figure out how to properly fit the tang into the handle. Bout all the hard wood I have big enough for a handle around here is Beech. Would that work ok? You have inspired me! Great looking handles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Wheeling View Post
    Bout all the hard wood I have big enough for a handle around here is Beech. Would that work ok?
    No personal experience, but if beechwood is good enough to make [mallets] out of, it should work great for a turning tool handle.

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