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Thread: Incra Jig Pro - **NIB**

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    Incra Jig Pro - **NIB**

    I am selling this "New In Box" precision dovetailing system. I inherited this system from my Dad, who received it as a gift from my Mom. He watched the instructional video a few times, but never opened any of the components. After discussing this system with an Incra customer service representative, I've come to realize that this system is two generations removed from the current dovetailing system Incra offers. It is, however, just as accurate as the current. The main feature that the Incra Jig Pro system does not have is the built-in micro adjust feature. This system is comparable to the Ultra 16" System and the LS 17" System.

    I am asking $125, plus shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    - Keith
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    OK, I'm drooling. Just can't justify it right now. Great deal though!
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    This item is SOLD, pending receipt of payment.

    - Keith

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    Thank you for selling your item. This has been a source of temptation for me all day long.

    I'm glad you're able to make a good deal with someone!

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