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Thread: Cleaning saw blades using Electrolysis

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    Great idea, and if it does not harm the blade, fantastic!

    You know that the brew does not get any weaker with time, in fact you might want to add some water to it at some point because of evaporation.

    Boy, you could set up a tub with a lid on it, put the whole thing together in minutes when you need to do this. Great tip.
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    Hi Wayne ,
    Thanks for the information and the photos.
    Nothing like a clean sharp blade.
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    Is there anyone here who understands the chemistry/physics behind this process? It reminds me of a similar "simple way to clean silverware" that went around several decades ago... until a chemist explained that it removed the tarnished silver, instead of converting the tarnished silver back to pure shiny silver. After a few cleanings, all the silver was gone. I would hate to have us remove some essential ingredient in the carbide or brazing, in the process of removing the gunk.
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