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Thread: New (shopmade) additions

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    New (shopmade) additions

    I made some additions to my workshop:
    1) I was looking for some way to storage my gouges
    I made this pantry cabinet for this purpose.
    2) I used one of my handles and I added a sorby multip.
    3) I required a small tool rest. I made this one together
    with a bigger one.
    4) I am in the process of making some platters and I needed this
    longworth chuck.
    As Stu says, maybe shopmade tools are not the best,
    however you save some money
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pantry_tool_box.jpg  

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    Link wouldn't open for me.
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    Even for me!
    I took it from my profile where shows all my posts
    and I have it open in another window.

    However, this link shows some handles that I made.

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    Link wouldn't open for me, but looked at the picture. Really like the storage solution for your gouges, might try to copy that at a later date. Shop made tools were what created the industry for the tool companies!

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    The cabinet looks great, Alfredo. (And the other additions, too. You'll find the Longworth chuck is handy to have around.)

    (I fixed the link for you, too. You had an extra "http" in it.)
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    Looks great, really nice work!
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    Alfredo, very well done. Looks like you have a little room in there for more chisels too!
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    VERY nice tool box Alfredo!

    Would you mind terribly if I used your idea for some hand tool storage behind my work table?


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