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Thread: You mean there are other forums...

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    You mean there are other forums...

    ...besides the woodturning ones?

    Hi, my name is Joe Fisher, and I'm a woodturner.

    I got started a few years ago when I found a '53 ShopSmith ER10 at a garage sale for $250.

    A few months of trial-and-error, Internet and book learning, and I was making some basic shapes and bowls.

    Then I got a Beall setup and was dangerous.

    I thought it about time I get a bit of instruction, so I scheduled a lesson with our own Bill Grumbine. I learned lots of great technique and got to try some serious machines - the Poolewood and Vega 2600.

    I went home with his DVD and 3 rough-turned bowls. But how will I finish those bowls? My little ShopSmith is a great piece of machinery, but not up to the task of turning these big bowls (or so I told my wife).

    Enter the General 25-650.

    Proud as a peacock, I turned on that machine for about a year. One of the bowls from my lesson was the first order of business:

    It's still one of my favorite pieces.

    Of course, with a bigger lathe come bigger accessories...

    After having numerous problems with the lathe and General customer service, I decided to take the General rep's offer to take the lathe off my hands. I debated long and hard on what to upgrade to, narrowing the field to the PM3520B, Robust American Beauty and Stubby S750.

    It was a difficult decision, but one I'm quite happy with.

    So when I'm not turning I'm being a computer programmer here in Parsippany, NJ. I build and fly radio controlled aircraft, I have a 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 that I'm restoring, I'm an amateur blacksmith and a Guitar Hero.

    I'm slowly developing flatwork skills. I enjoy working with hand tools and am trying to make more time to practice.

    You can see more of my work at my website here.

    Anything else y'all want to know about me, feel free to ask away


    P.S. Vroom.

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    Joe welcome to the family. Just like on other forums we like pics and you didn't dissappoint!! I like your lathe evolution story...hope to "evolve" someday myself.
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    When do you take time to sleep?

    Welcome aboard Joe! You're in my old stomping grounds as I grew up just south of you.
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    Welcome Joe.
    I like very much your blacksmith thread.

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    Hey Joe!

    Nice shop, nice lathes, nice bowls. Really nice car. I had a friend who had one a bit older than yours with a special edition russian roullette gearbox which was great fun as he lived in a hilly part of a hilly town. Never a dull ride in that car.

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    I had to Google to find out which brand is showing in your picture. It's the Stubby S750. From the web site, it's a really powerful machine. That tool rest is some honkin' stout looking affair. I'm sure you will enjoy.
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    Welcome, Joe, and nice Stubby! I think I like the Spitfire better, though.

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    Welcome to the Family Joe!

    I like them all, the chainsaw, Stubby, Bandsaw, and the Spitfire!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    When do you take time to sleep?
    You'd be surprised how often I hear that Really, I just get nothing done

    Thanks for the warm welcome, gang.


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    Hi Joe!

    Welcome to the family!

    WOW! when you upgrade you don't mess around.
    I really like the story form of your pictured post. You
    have a great shop there too.

    The guys and gals love those piles of saw dust.

    I have owned two ShopSmiths both Mark 5. It is
    simply amazing what can be done with them. The
    only thing I did not care for was the table saw feature.
    It was just flat out dangerous to use.

    I did, however, love the way that table worked in drill
    press mode.


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