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Thread: Any of our European members in danger?

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    Any of our European members in danger?

    Looks like a disaster on the way...

    Take call all....

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    It looks like the Brits are taking good precautions, but nature has a way of having its own way.

    I guess the north pole melted and sent a big wave south.

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    Thanks for the heads-up. I called a friend of mine in Dover (10:00 PM over there!) ... he said the surge is approaching from the North, and that the folks around Ramsgate, etc. could have a rough time of it, depending on conditions. His home is several dozen meters above sea level, so "no worries" for him personally.

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    I have a friend living on the south coast of England. I e-mailed him and am awaiting a reply. On another occasion he said that his town has a very high ancient, but sturdy, sea wall for protection. He is a master craftsman who restores old muzzle loading guns. My kinda guy. He came here to hunt with us during a deer muzzle loading season about six years ago.
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    Good luck guys!

    I hope that you guys are not hit too hard and that whatever reparations are needed happen quickly afterwards!

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    Hi Greg ,
    Thanks for the post. It is a scary situation for those in the path. Best to all.
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