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Thread: Base & wall cabinets

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    Talking Base & wall cabinets

    Just finished these cabinets for a friend. He wanted to keep cost at a minimum. So these were made from #2 pine for the face frame and Only one good side for the 3/4" birch plywood used for the carcass. Same for the 1/4" plywood used for the flat pannel doors. However I was able to talk him into useing Clear pine for door construction. This was an interesting project to work on.When $$ is hard to find for material,yet having good enough material to get good results. Sorry about the bad picture angles,the room is so narrow its hard to get a good shot.
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    Hey Ron............ Ya done good.

    Budget or no, they look great.
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    Very nice, Ron. I wouldn't have suspected they were "budget" cabinets at all. They sure don't look like it.
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    who said pine doesnt look good is crazy these look great ron,, and as long as the customer was happy thats all that matters.. so what ya going to donext cant stop here
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    Nice cabinets, and wood choice is OK. I built a set out of #2 stock once and another out of select, the time and effort as well as the finished product was well worth the difference in material costs. Less waste, better results, faster work, averages out the savings and the better wood wins, Hard to convience the fellow with a shallow wallet but in the long run he is better off laying out a little more up front and reap the rewards in the end.

    You done good and your buddy was lucky you were there to help him out. Thanks for the posting.

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