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Thread: Mini/Midi lathe VS conversion

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    Mini/Midi lathe VS conversion

    Before I even think about messing around with stuff like oval chucks () I'd like to have the ability to slow my Delta Midi lathe down below 500 RPM.

    One possibility I thought of is the [Conversion kit for TCLPRO, Jet & Delta] sold by Penn State Industries. But the description says
    Variable speeds 650-3800*
    * Speed ranges may vary subject to lathe and setup
    Going UP to a minimum speed of 650 RPM is not exactly what I had in mind.... Does anyone out there have experience with this conversion kit? Are there "factors" that can decrease the minimum speed?

    Alternately, does anyone have experience with other conversion approaches? I've heard about using treadmill motors and the like, but don't know much about it.

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    No experience with this kit, Kerry, but I suspect if you could change the size of the pulleys attached to the motor and the spindle, you could reduce the speed below what they advertise.
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    Vaughn's reply would be my guess as well. Penn State's web site says you use the existing headstock pulley (5 step... or is it 6... I forget). Anyway, you may be able to slow it down more by using a different pulley step. I will be getting one for my Delta when the need arises. In fact, I may be getting a Delta w/bad motor soon and will put this kit on it.

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