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Thread: Makita BO5021K vs Bosch 1295 DVS

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    Question Makita BO5021K vs Bosch 1295 DVS

    I'm trying to decide between these two ROS, dust collection is important to me. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    Unless someone has both, it will be up to you to compare our responses. Enjoy the challenge ;-)

    I have the 1295 and love it. I spent a couple bucks on the vac adapter which my small vac hose slips over perfectly. The suction is so good (Rigid 6.5HP with 5gal bucket separator inline) that I have to use one of those collar valves to allow some of the vacuum force to abate.

    It not only takes care of it's own dust but sucks in anything loose as I go by. The sander can be had as a recon from CPO Bosch to save a little dough. I could see nothing to indicate a recon on the one I bought and it carries the full warranty. I chose this one on price and the fact that it had the most even sanding pattern in a test done by FWW (I think) on Plexiglas that really showed off the difference in patterns. It works very fast and leaves a great finish.

    Some folks have had issues with brushes wearing fast or overheating. I have experienced none of this; I have always used it with a vac and let the weight of the tool do the work as opposed to bearing down. This may contribute to the longer life. If I see one on sale, I'm grabbing another one, that's how much I like it.
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