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Thread: Tractor Gloat

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    Tractor Gloat

    I took delivery of the Kubota BX24 TLB with 60" belly blade this past Tuesday. So far, it's been better than I expected. Thanks to all those that contributed "tractor wisdom" during my selection process. And, here are some pictures...
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    Looks like a real workhorse there Chris, I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it, good tractors they are!
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    Very nice, sure to be very-very useful.'s almost red.
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    Chris.......that's a real "big boy's toy"! Congrats! Everybody I know who's had a Kubota has been more than happy with it. May it serve you well!

    Beautiful scenery in those photos BTW!

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    Wow Chris, that is quite a machine. The only thing missing is a BBQ grill and an umbrella. I am sure you will a lot of fun with the new (toy) machine.

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    You guys in the country have the coolest toys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Page View Post
    You guys in the country have the coolest toys!
    Yeah, forget the tractor...I'm envious of having a place with room enough to use a tractor. Congrats on both counts, Chris.
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    You'll never regret buying a Kubota. I got one, bought it in 1999 and have never had a single problem with it. Its up to 1100 hours now, but runs just great and does all my old tractor would do and more. Nice machine congratulations.
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    Nice new toy Chris. Whats it gonna be when it grows up?

    Travis, 1100 hours? that isn't even hardly broken in yet.

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    congrats on the new tractor. I have a New Holland tc33 Boomer and can't tell you how convenient those tractors are, irregardless of the brand.

    That loader will come in really handy.


    P.S. is it hydrostat?

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