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Thread: Leather vise liners & Contact cement over Epoxy?

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    Leather vise liners & Contact cement over Epoxy?

    I was kind of planning on lining my LV twinscrew jaws with leather. Advise on some other WW forum posts says that contact cement is probably what I want to use. I was planning on finishing my jaws (purpleheart) with epoxy just because I'll be using that on the benchtop (vertical laminated BB ply with PH for the edging around the top). Would the contact cement work over top of the epoxy? Or should I mask off the jaw faces when I finish them and leave them dry for the contact cement & leather?
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    Doug, if you use the good 3M yellow contact cement, from my experience it will stick to anything, other than HDPE, so it should stick to either the bare wood or the epoxy. Just to be sure that it works well though, I would put a thin coat of epoxy on a piece of scrap wood and when cured, lightly roughen the surface w/sandpaper to help the adhesion and try a sticking a scrap of leather to it with the trim cement. If it will stick adequately to the epoxy, it will make changing the leather and cleaning the old contact cement off much easier, (and you WILL have to change the leather at some point in the future, but it will last a long time).

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    For applications like that, I like rubber cement. It holds but is not permanent in case you want to take it off later.
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