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Thread: New Tool Rests (Gloat)

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    Talking New Tool Rests (Gloat)

    Just received my new tool rests from Randy ( and are they ever sweet!

    I desperately needed something for bowls as all I have had to use was an S-curve rest from Woodcraft and the joint where the rest mounted to the post kept getting in the way. The curved bowl rest should work amazing as there is nothing there to obstruct the gouge!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bowl Rest.jpg 
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Name:	Offset Rest.jpg 
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    The 12” offset rest (8”/4” split) will be my go-to rest from now on! Don’t really know how to describe it other than to say ‘it is a beautiful thing’!!

    Thank you Randy – you never disappoint!

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    Congrats, Steve. I've got a 12" straight rest from Randy that's my day-to-day tool rest. I'm hoping to buy a different lathe before I break down and get any curved rests. I'm trying to avoid buying too much stuff that won't transfer to a bigger lathe.
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    Congrats Steve!

    I went to a bar rest and am much happier.

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    Congrats Steve. You are going to love the curved one.
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    Hey Steve! I have almost the exact same pair from Randy. I love 'em! I was just using the big curved monster yesterday.

    The 60/40 offset is one of my most used toorests. I find it handy for so many different situations.

    Good luck with them,


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