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Thread: The Woodworking Shows

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    The Woodworking Shows

    H All,

    I tried to access their website the last couple of days and get a page cannot be displayed message. I wanted to confirm the Dec 07 show dates for the Dallas, TX area. Any of you have that info?


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    It took a little while, but I found this:
    But you are right, I can't get their site up, and can't get to it from 3 vendor sites I tried from.
    I originally thought that I would go this year...didn't go last year. But I'm not sure now. So many reports of how dismal the shows have been this year makes me wonder if it is worth while. Guess I'll see when we get a little closer. I don't work that Sat, but may wait and go Sunday and see if there are any good deals. I really only need 1 section of t-track, and with parking and ticket price, I bet I can get it cheaper from Peachtree online than from them at the show. Jim.
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    Poor attendance?

    I will be attending as I am in the market for a new router table and hope to get a good deal there. I hadn't heard that attendance is down. I went to the show in Overland Park, KS earlier this year and attendance was very heavy.

    Thanks for the link!


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    I wouldn't get my hopes too high for a good deal on anything at a woodworking show. Just my experience. YMMV.
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    The website is now back up. The show will be in Phoenix the week of Nov 30- Dec 2. As the show is in a state of turmoil there will be fewer vendors in this fall quarter. The new owners hope to have more vendors lined up for the winter quarter. I have been told Kreg will be there which is a good thing as I need to replace the one that was stolen.
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