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Thread: Chisel Handles

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    Chisel Handles

    Last weekend I bought 3 old socket chisels at an antique show. They didn't have handles and I don't know anything about woodworking chisels or how to use them, but I thought they were kind of neat. So today I turned some handles for them from Osage Orange. The top one is a James Swan brand, the other two are Stanley. The handle size was just a progression of experimenting with what felt good to hold. The small one was a little to small, the big one was a little to big, you know the rest of the story.

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    ...and the middle one said "Who ate my porridge?"

    Nice job on the handles, Curt. I'm not certain, but I think those chisels are for cutting non-moving wood. It's strange...some guys actually move the chisel on a stationary piece of wood, instead of the moving a piece of wood against a stationary chisel (like us sensible turners do).
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    You'll like that OO. It will take a whacking and keep on going. Nice job. I like.
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