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Thread: need some advice

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    need some advice

    We recently had a vinyl shutter blow off during a windstorm. It was held on by some plactic "compression screws" - they aren't really screws, but have little thread-like rings to give resistance when put into the holes.

    The problem is that three (out of 6) of these things broke off leaving some plastic inside the hole. I have managed to drill an 1/8" hole in each plastic thing, but the drill bit had not enough "grab" to pull these things out with.

    My next thought is to try to drive a screw into the plastic remnants and then use the wonderbar to pull the little irritating things out. I'm still waking up and am going to enjoy an hour or two of weekend laziness before going out to try anything new, so if any of you have better ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them!

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    That's exactly what I'd try. Don't screw into the piece very far. Just enough to grab. Otherwise you'll spread it out and make it tougher/impossible to pull out.

    Come on lazlybones, I've already been on top of the roof the shop and the house blowing leaves and pecans off and out of the valleys and gutters so the rain won't clog stuff up this week. Well, hoping for some rain any way. And I'm an hour earlier than you are! Jim.
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    I was able to get one out, I couldn't get a screw into the other two. While being sun-blinded from the white vinyl siding looking at the other two, my wife asks, "Can't you just put it up with the holes that are free?" So, that's what I did. If it comes off again, I'll wait for a nice overcast day to work harder at it.

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