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Thread: Hot Sales for the Season...

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    Hot Sales for the Season...

    For those who don't know about this, or as a reminder for those that do, here is the link for all of the Black Friday sale ads. Lowes and Ace Hardware ads are up now, among other non-tool related stores (what the heck do we need those for ).

    The sales have become more and more complicated with sale days happening earlier and earlier. For example, Sears is having a sale today both online and in the store with an extra 10% for a couple of hours (for some reason). Read their ad carefully for details. Other stores have Black Friday "Day" sales as well as sales for the entire weekend. Some stores also have "Early Bird" sale times with extra SUPER sale prices so look over the ads at your favorite store thoroughly.

    Subscribe to the Black Friday Ads email list and they will send you an email whenever the ads are updated or new ones are added.

    Happy shopping!!! :
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    Thanks, Mark.

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    I don't shop brick and mortor on Black Friday.

    In fact I try and not leave the house.


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