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Thread: Which tools used most often?

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    Which tools used most often?

    Being new to WW and starting to buy my tools, I am wondering which tools you use more frequent than others. Just curious as to the most "popular" tools. This would help all "newbies" out there as well.

    Please put your top 5+ of the following bench/stationary power tools in order which you use most often. Include any other tools you use as well.

    Scroll Saw
    Drill Press
    Nail guns

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    Hard to say but these are probably the ones I use the most. In no particular order. BUT what you will need/use/want will depend on what your going to make too.

    Table Saw
    Radial Arm Saw
    Power Planer
    Hand plane, usually the block plane

    If I am making furniture my TS is number one used tool followed close by my Radial Arm Saw. If I am working on a boat, my TS is way down the list and the Bandsaw or a jig saw would probably move to the top of the list. So it really depends on YOUR needs. Not mine.
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    Air Compressor
    Shop Vac
    Cordless Drill.....
    Shop Smith for this and That
    Scroll Saw
    Drill Press
    Saber Saw
    Random orbit Sander
    Hand Sandpaper
    Table Saw
    Band Saw


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    #1.... My brain

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    Barry, do you have an idea of what you would like to make? That should be the starting point for your tool decisions. If I'm doing flat work, it's probably TS, CMS, Jointer, Planer, planes, ROS. If I'm turning something, it's the lathe and bandsaw. I'm trying to learn carving, so that's gouges. I've done some marquetry and that's scroll saw. As you can see, it all depends on what you are trying to do.

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    Slow down!

    It takes years to build a shop, even a *very* modest one like mine. I've been at it 3 1/2 years now. Yesterday, I bought my first decent cordless drill (although it's my third cordless overall). Today, I was running new circuits to the shop. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon...

    There's huge debate over bandsaw vs TS as first major tool. Either one works, depending on what you plan to make. And that's the best advice I've ever heard: buy the tools you need to make the next thing you're going to make, keeping in mind your long term vision for the shop.

    The reason I smiled when I saw your post: I used most of those tools just today. It's amazing how creative you can get when you have choices. And I'm not even making furniture...



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    As Jeff says, this info is as specific as the individual giving it. If you do a lot of carcase work, you will use different tools than someone who makes a lot of chairs. For me, since squaring rough lumber is the start of almost everything I do and as you specify power tools:

    Table saw

    and then probably . . .

    Router table

    Enjoy the ride ;-)
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    Dust collector (cyclone)
    Table saw
    Jointer/planer (two in one)
    Domino (loose tenon cutter)
    Drill press
    Router table
    Various handplanes (block plane, jack, jointer, smoother)
    Chisels, various handsaws, files and rasps
    Slow speed grinder and water stones for sharpening
    Circular saw and guide for breaking down plywood into manageable sizes.
    ROS for when I have to sand ( I use planes instead whenever possible)

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    Good question, if for no other reason than to see the variety of ways that folks equip their shops for their own preferred type of project and methodology. Your mileage will vary, but my current list in order of most used is:

    Lathe (includes turning and buffing, and the associated tools and attachments)
    Dust Collector
    Air Compressor
    Shop Vac
    Grinder with lathe tool sharpening jig
    Pneumatic Sander
    Right Angle Drill (as a sander)
    Cordless drill (as a screw driver as much as anything)
    Band saw
    Drill Press
    Incra TS III Fence and Rails (on TS/RT combo)
    Table Saw
    Router Table
    Handheld Router (plunge and fixed)
    Random Orbital Sander
    Belt Sander
    Jointer (seldom needed, since I usually buy S4S lumber)
    Planer (used once in a blue moon)
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    Top 5 over the last month spent in my shop:

    (1) table saw

    (2) hand held electric sanders

    (3) hand held drill both for drilling and screwing

    (4) jig saw

    (5) routers –both table mounted and hand held

    But, as others have said, this varies a great deal by project
    Cheers, Frank

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