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    cherry NE

    I was asked to make a couple of pieces to auction off at my church's yearly Thanksgiving dinner. This and the tulip poplar that I'll post in a minute are my contributions. Please comment critique and basically bash my work.

    This is a cherry log sent to me by Mark Cothren. THANKS!!!
    5 1/2" tall 11" at the widest opening is 5". I enjoyed making this piece, as it was only my second attempt at a natural edge. This piece almost stayed at my house as I fell in love with it. The color is simply amazing even if the grain isn't stunning. Thanks for looking and bash away!!
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    Tyler, that has to be one of the more interesting NE bowls I've seen, great job!
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    You want bashing? Well c'mon, you're gonna have to try a lot harder than that to make something bash-worthy. The bowl looks real nice.

    If I were to critique anything, it'd be your pictures. Your turnings are good enough to warrant nice photos. The lighting could be improved a lot with a simple photo tent setup (instead of the built-in camera flash), and the pics could be rotated a bit to level up the piece so it doesn't look like it's leaning.

    Even though I shoot my pics using a tripod, sometimes they are a little tilted. When that happens, I use the "Rotate" option in my photo editing software (either Photoshop or Irfanview) to fine-tune things and get the piece pointing straight up and down.

    Speaking of tripods, if you don't already have one, I'd recommend getting one. They can help improve the photo quality a lot, too.

    What camera are you using?
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    Yeah my photography stinks, with a capitol A uhhh I mean S. I don't have a photo tent YET. I am using a uhhhh mmmmm errrrr minolta dimage z sumtin. It's a 5 mp camera. I just have a horrible time trying to get enough light and the color settings on the camera to agree. Yeah a photo tent would be great, but a 4 jaw chuck, better gouges, vac chuck, et al take importance. I'll try harder next time to get the photos better

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    Great bowl Tyler. Hollowing that and keeping the bark on. Well done.
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    Very nice NE there, Tyler! That Cherry is some nice wood to turn, eh?

    I still have the box of wood you sent me in our trade and need to get to it soon.
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    I can see why you fell in love with it, Tyler. I would have had a hard time letting that one go, too!
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