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Thread: tulip poplar bowl

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    tulip poplar bowl

    second contribution to auction. Also wood from Mark.

    Tulip poplar, not fond of the form. Say what you want about the form I know it's not very good. Again comment and critique away.

    6" wide, 4" tall, burned the rim not solid. This piece I wanted to be very rustic looking. Sorry for the horrible photgraphy!!!!
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    Hi Tyler,

    I kinda' like the form. In fact, I think I have a piece of wood here that would be ideal for a form just like that. I think I'll give it a go. I also like the grain and spalting in yours.

    cheers eh?

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    Nice looking wood, Tyler, and I don't think the form is bad at all. Critique-wise, I can see what looks like some tool marks on the outside. Nothing some sanding can't handle. They may be hard to see in person, but the picture highlights them pretty well. I've make several pieces that I though looked fine, but when I took photos of them, I could see flaws that I'd missed before.

    Still, another nice addition to the auction.
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    That is some nice looking wood Tyler. Great looking bowl. Well done.
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    Tyler, nice looking bowl, seems to me a nice one for using this bowl for some fruit.

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    Good goin', Tyler - did that wood have as much pink/red in it as other pieces I've turned?
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    It overall has some pink tinge to it. But the most red areas stayer right around the pith. Had a horrible area in the center where the pith had rotted and turned into steel concrete!!! that is why it has a couple rubs on the sides. I went to part it off, hit the black area WHAM CATCH SKIDDDDD SCRAPE!!!!! DOHHHHH

    I tried several times to part it off. Finally got my saw out after it. Still only about 3/4" diameter took almost 20 minutes to saw through!

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    Tyler, that's some really pretty wood, and the form is very utilitarian--it's the form much like what would be found in an 1780s era home and used for mixing bread dough or other such task. I think it's very pretty.

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