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Thread: Hey, Don

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    Hey, Don

    I thought I'd post this here since it is not yet a project. I picked up this wormy pine today. It was going to the landfill so I thought I'd rescue it. Much of the grain is reminiscent of some Ponderosa Pine I worked with in 1969 (high school), but I doubt this is. I set aside some plans for jewelry boxes for my three grown daughters and this stuff should do the trick. Has lots of insect tracks and knots and has loads of character. Should figure out to around 200 bd ft of the stuff w/~50 bd ft of waste due to splits, etc. from being ripped off the wall. Got all the nails out and now have to sticker and stack it so it dries back out. It was left in the weather for a few days. Might not be the kind of stuff that some get excited about, but I love wood... all wood, and hate to see any of it go to the landfill. Oh, over half of it is 10.5" wide, some 6.5", some 4.5" and some 2.5".
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    That would certainly excite me Billy.
    And I love those worm trails.

    When I have something that I just have to make myself
    let go, I put it on the curb rather than take it to the dump.
    It makes me feel better when I find it gone before the trash
    truck gets here.

    However, I hate it when dumb people open empty boxes
    and scatter styrofoam peanuts all over my yard. The least
    they could do is close the boxes back up????


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