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Thread: Kitchen Benchtop Fininshed !!!....

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    Kitchen Benchtop Fininshed !!!....

    ...and installed.

    Today saw the installation of the new kitchen benchtop for SWMBO.

    I finished the top using 4 coats of satin poly to build a base and 3 coats of Gloss poly to give it a smooth and durable top.

    The bench is backed by a Rimu backboard and the new lever operated tap/mixer has been fitted.

    This tap unit uses the paddle taps rather than the more standard style so the wife doesn't struggle with it and means she can use it easily. Her arthritis isn't getting any better so it made the selection of the taps pretty easy. The unit is rather petite too as it only stands off the wall 4 1/2 inches to the front of the tap.

    This top is also 4 inches wider front to back so there is now a nice toe kick space underneath and the extra area on the top is a bonus.

    The two cutting boards you see in the photos were made from the cutout for the sink unit. They are quite heavy so SWMBO has ordered that I make a wall rack for them. This will go where the spice rack is and accommodate both of the heavier chopping boards.

    I was worried that the choice of bright stainless was a mistake but when it was put in place the gloss of the top and the stainless really make for a nice look.

    All in all very pleased with the outcome. We also were able to get away with very little plumbing changes from the original so that was also a plus.

    As you can see from the photos the kitchen is on the small side as were most with houses built in the 60's. As for the choice of hospital green for decor ..... well ....umm what can you say....YUK!!!!

    The tiles are going to be replaced by a more decorative slate or granite wall tile. Each tile is about 4 times the size of the current tiles and should suit the timber of the benches as well.

    The island bench that was part of the original kitchen will get a new top as well. This will be extended closer to the sliding door and will accommodate 2 stools and will double as a mini breakfast bar.

    So whadda yahs think??? pwerdy aint it

    You can see how it all came together here
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCF0019 (Medium).jpg   DSCF0018 (Medium).jpg   DSCF0020 (Medium).jpg   DSCF0021 (Medium).jpg   DSCF0024 (Medium).jpg  

    DSCF0022 (Medium).jpg  
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    Nice, Ralph. I just hope LOML doesn't see it.

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    What a great idea!

    That is really nice Ralph. That will be a great looking space when you finish. I like nothing better than an exposed wood surface.

    Some day I hope to build a booth type situation for my tiny dinning room.


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    Very nice, Ralph, You have good reason to be proud of the outcome.
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    Good job, Ralph...
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    Thumbs up

    Wow...that's impressive looking Ralph!
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    Great job.

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