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Thread: My First BS Box

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    My First BS Box

    Will wonders never cease?! I actually touched a piece of wood, and cut it! I took a BS box class at the York, PA WW show with Geoffrey Noden. There were seven other 'students", but things went smoothly. I was able to complete the box with the exception of a finish. My sawing technique needs work, OK, a good bit of work, but it was a fun little project. I now know what everyone on my Christmas list is getting!!
    A few little tips were passed along. For flocking, don't bother with the expensive adhesive, or applicator. Use latex paint of a similar color, dump some of the flocking into the box, tap/shake around and pour out. Worked well. Also, I got to use a sanding mop - WOW. I've got to get one of those!

    Anyhow, if you've never made a BS box, give it a try, they are fun!

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    Good looking box Wes! Your technique looks pretty good from here!


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    "Neato Benito!" Or is that "Beanito"?

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    Very nice! Someday, maybe will have time to try one of those!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry Burton View Post
    "Neato Benito!" Or is that "Beanito"?
    I first read that as "Beano". As in "To prevent bad gas".
    Thanks for the gentle comments. Whether they turn out well or not, BS boxes are really fun to make - and provide relatively quick results!



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