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Thread: Hickory Logs

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    Hickory Logs

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I am relocating my shop to Texas and have several aged hickory logs to be given away. They are approx. 2' long and various widths. If you are in the Kansas City area,PM me and I'll give you directions.These were sealed, but do have some checking,very hard wood.I need to get rid of these prior to moving.

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    Welcome Richard. First post and giving something away??? Man, you are off on the right foot, to bad you weren't moving into my neighborhood with this kind of attitude. I am in Indiana so no help, but wanted to welcome you and hope this wood finds a home.

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    Welcome Richard, your first post is to give away something of value!

    Nice wood to turn, I've only turned one piece of it, but I sure liked it!
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    Hickory sure does turn nice. Someone should take him up on it!


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