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Thread: I don't write much but I sure like to read and listen

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    Nashville, Ar.

    I don't write much but I sure like to read and listen

    Gee, not sure were to start. My first love, besides my wife, is woodworking. I spent most of my life logging in Oregon. Spent some time doing other things, law enforcement, truck driving, etc. Jack of all trades, master of none. Got my back injured and had to be fused for the front and 4 rods and 6 bolt in my back to hold me together. Really it was for the best because now I can spend all the time in the shop that I can stand. Work a little and rest a little. Couldn't ask for more. I have a small shop in the back yard. Boy I think I've said to much. Thanks for reading and I plan on learning a lot from everyone.

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    Welcome Jack. This is a great place to hang out and even learn a few tricks.

    Oh yeah, we love shop tours. Got a camera?
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    Welcome Jack

    Coffee pot is on

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    Hi Jack Tanner ,
    One of my best friends was from Camas Valley, Oregon. Good people up there!!
    Your introduction was good, thanks, you are very welcome here, to read or add to. It is your choice. Take care of yourself and your Bride, then with your spare time away from the shop, join in the other family here.
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    Welcome aboard, Jack!
    Jim D.
    Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!

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    Welcome Jack! Looking forward to seeing some of your work!

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    Howdy, Jack. Welcome to the clubhouse. (From one bolted-up back to another.)
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    Welcome to the Family Jack!

    We like pictures!
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    Welcome Jack! We lived in Bend, OR in 1977 & 1978.

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    I forgot my cell phone on top of a WalMart pay phone in Bend, Oregon in 2002. Does that count?

    Welcome Jack!

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