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Thread: The planer saga continues

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    The planer saga continues

    Installed the new belt on my DP400 this evening, tightened the loose nut and put the machine back together. Turned it on, sounded good. Planed a 1"x7.5"x8' piece of Cherry. It worked like it always had before. Hoorah! I'm now again. LOML called me in for dinner so I took a break. After eating I went back out to the shop to plane a few more boards so I could go back to cutting. Turned the planer on and heard a %#*$ of a racket. Didn't sound like a smooth running planer at all. Too dark to do much and I had some other work I needed to get done, so I'll take it apart tomorrow and see what happened. I'm guessing the nut again. I think I'll loctite it in place if it is.

    However, it may not be and I may have to take it to the service center (thankfully there is one here). Just thinking ahead, I don't think I want to spend much on it for repair so I was looking around for portable planer reviews and found a Metabo DH316 13" X 6" Thickness Planer listed. No reviews for it, but I think I read a post here some time back about the brand... and that it was a good one typically found in Europe. Anyone know anything about this little jewel? They're about the same price as the Dewalt 13".

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    No experience with the Metabo planer, but everything I've read about their tools has been positive.
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    i`d buy a metabo over a dewalt any day.
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    I'd have to agree with BOTH Tod and Vaughn
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