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    Hi everybody,

    I found this site looking for some stuff that Tod wrote awhile back at SMC and that lead me here..This looks like a great site by the way. Anyways never posted at SMC too many rules. For those of you who frequent Woodnet you might have seen me over there as Fire Marshal. I live in So. Maryland and own Patuxent Custom WoodWorx, I mainly do Built-ins, Mantles & Fire Place Surronds, Free Standing Entertainment Centers a little trim work and the odd piece of Furniture i.e. Sofa Tables, Coffee Tables and the like. This is a part-time thing for me right now as I retire in about 6 years as a Fire Inspector & Investigator.then I plan to hit the ground running full-time with the buisness.

    I'll post some work and shop soon, matter of fact I need to put some pics up at Woodnet, just got a new digital Camera and need an excuse to play with that some anyhow.

    My shop is a little under 600 sq. ft. and currently I have alot of green stuff (suits my needs fine for now) 22124, 6X 80 floor edge sander, Floor model O.S.S., Bench Dog Router Table w/7518 mounted underneath, Hitachi 16" Drill Press, 17" Bandsaw, 12" Mitersaw Table with extended Fences, Horizontal Router Table, Mortiser Machine,15" Planer, 8" shelix head jointer, Festool Domino (just got this a couple months back, still havent decided just how much I'll use it, But the CT-33 is nice for the sanders) Numerous Routers set up for different dovetail and other jigs (2) PC 690's (2) PC 890's (1) PC 7518 (1) Milwaukee 5625 (2) PC 310's (1) Bosch Colt (1) Freud 1700 (1) PC 7529 (think I have enough routers?, I hate resetting depths and changing out bits) numerous ROS's, several brad nailers and pinners, dont even ask about my clamps (never have enough) chisels and handplanes and a few nice hand saws (when I have time(whats that?) I like working without power) I have a friend with a Widebelt that I owe a lot of favors to, thats the next purchase, that and I think a lathe, will see.

    Once again I'll get some pic's up, I see a few familiar names, Tod great to see you again, Stu how's the dungeon? (Let me know if you ever want to sell that Hitachi (Monster) Resaw Ha,Ha, Ha) anyways I dont post alot unless I can give some helpful info. But there are several talented people here and at others that provide alot of inspiration and I'm glad I found you.

    Hello again and Thanks,

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    hi scott!
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    Hi Scott, welcome to the forum. I'd love to see some pics of your mantles. I have been asked to build one for some folks that will need to be mounted in a stone wall. No surround, but will probably have corbels. Again, welcome!

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    Scott, welcome to the family
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    Hi Scott, nice to see you, welcome to the Family!

    Big Blue, the Hitachi Resaw, is doing just fine, not going anywhere anytime soon

    I did get busy and build a sibling for Big Blue, that would be The Phoenix a slightly stout 14" type bandsaw

    Now, where are them pictures, you GOT TO have some pics to share
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    Welcome aboard Scott!
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    Hi Scott, very wellcome, hope you have a lot of fun here

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    Hi Scott

    The coffee pot is on

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    Howdy Scott!

    Welcome aboard


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    welcome scott

    if ya follered tod to get here yo gotta be a ok he draws the best outa everyone! well almost evry one
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