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Thread: Auction results

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    Talking Auction results

    As some of you know a couple of pieces I turned went to action for my church's women's ministry.

    Several things came out of last night. One the bowls sold for decent prices. The cherry ne bowl went for $150 and the tulip poplar bowl went for $40. The poplar I was right on about the price. The cherry I was hoping for a little more, buy hey!!! Almost $200 for his glory.

    One of the ladies in my church is a well known artist in this area. She has several shows each year for artist friends of her, by invitation only. Well guess who's coming to dinner! To get such recognition from fellow artists really makes you feel your work is of good quality and craftsmanship. By the way she bought the cherry bowl. An added bonus on the side, she commissioned for at least 2 bowls for Christmas presents for her kids. She said she like to give ART to them for presents. Now I have an excuse to tell the wife leave me alone I need to be in the shop!!!! Actually she is the one pressing me to take the commissions. I really did not want to right now. I had enough already to do for Christmas.

    I also got commissioned for 2 baby rattles as well.

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    Congratulations Tyler!!!!!!!!
    Well done, good to hear someone took notice and you are being appreciated for your efforts. Kudos.

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    COOL! It's always nice to be wanted. Jim.
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    Tyler that is fantastic!
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    That's great, Tyler! Good on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TYLER WOOD View Post
    Almost $200 for his glory.
    .....and some to be pastors and teachers............and some to be turners.

    I don't remember that being part of the verse, but I'm sure it was intended! Well done Tyler!
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    Well done and congratulations!

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    Congrats Tyler. A couple of nice turnings for a great cause. Well done.
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    Way to go Tyler, you must have been on cloud nine!
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    Congratulations, Tyler. Always nice to get kudos from an artist you respect.
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