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Thread: Paneling patch

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    Paneling patch

    I spouted off a while back about "mom's handiman" gnawing a giant hole in her paneling to hang a lamp with toggle bolts, now that she has moved and wants to selkl the house the holes in the paneling was a problem. I asked for help and was given some good ideas. SO......

    I went to her house this week and armed with a jig and some tools I approached the problem. The "handiman" had gnawed some holes in the paneling for togglebolts...

    I used a piece of plywood that I bored a 5/8" hole with a Forstner bit, Using double stick tape I placed the plywood over the hole. I used the guide to make a round hole and a forstner bit. Then I also matched the grain and the seam of the paneling (did I tell you I had scrap from a previous repair job)

    then I used Plug cutter 5/8' to make a matching bung. Put a little glue on the edges and pressed it into place.

    And the final one was....

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    Worked like a charm, Bill.
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    Well done indeed!

    I'd have just found a new light or a picture to hang there
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    Wow. You can't even see them now. Good luck on the sale.

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    Great fix Bill.
    No one will ever see it if you don't point it out.
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    Hi Bill ,
    Nice work, that is the good news, the bad news is, I am telling everybody what a good job you did on the paneling, Sooooooooooo, sooner or later the buyer is gonna know!!! SOOOOOO sell the place, get your money and skee dattle!
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    Thanks guys, They were so obvious when you walked into the room, but w/o knowing where they are you don't seem to be able to find them.

    You should see what else I have to do to Spiffy up the place. Under 40 year old carpet was Hardwood floors never finished. Hired by phone a fellow to rip out the carpet and finish the floors, but he left me this surprise...

    Now I have to make some sort of Threshold to span this gap (5 different doors and Hallway entrances The Hall has Italian Tile and a 3/8" lip.

    Then there was the basement Steps... Any threshold will trip a person, had the idiot pulled the rest of the carpet up, he would have found the top step is the same floor and all it needs is a bull nose, which I'll have to make, as well.

    SWMBO has edicted that the shop will remain dust free till after the Turkey break, so I will have to be content to "Plan" But next Friday the dust will roll....

    Problem with being the "Guy" and a couple hundred miles away, have to leave the checking on work to mom at 88 yrs. Used to make a bunch of trips back and forth but with gas prices my truck burns a C-note with each round trip.
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