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Thread: Me + Small Engine =no luck

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    Me + Small Engine =no luck

    It seems lately me and small engines just are not getting along. Over the course of the last few weeks I've over hauled the 11hp Brigggs IC on the log splitter, Then it was over haul the Kohler 14 HP on the Case 444 garden tractor.
    Then the coil went on the 5hp Briggs on the vaccum cart for the Case. Plus the 330EVL echo chainsaw needs crank Bearings and the 750 EVL needs Crank seals.

    Oh well at least with all these repairs they should be good to go for quite some time. All this slowed down progress on the flatbed project. It at least has plates on it and is drivable now. I just need to get motivated this morning and get outside and work on it some more today.

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    Robert, it sounds to me like you have good luck with small engines; you know how to fix them. It is just that all your fun happened at one time.

    Fifty some years ago, I would take our lawn mower engine a part every year just for the fun. Aw, the good old days when gas was 23 cents a gallon, and milk was 50 cents a gallon.

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    I had a small engine repair weekend myself a couple of weeks ago.

    Dang ole 9 horse chipper shredder wouldn't start, powerwasher wouldn't wash, 4 stroke string trimmer wouldn't run.

    Had to take the carb apart on the chipper shredder. Guess I was getting a little overconfident in my skills cause I forgot to take a picture of the linkage before I took it apart. Took 3 try's to get it back together right...

    I like working on small engines, but I find the most important tool I have any more is my digital camera...
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    Dang Robert, you're hard on equipment.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Dang Robert, you're hard on equipment.
    Thats the understatement of the year!!!

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