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Thread: Show me your screw organizers

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    Show me your screw organizers

    I've been putting my shop together for the last year and finally have dust collection setup so I can start cutting wood. The first projects need to be for storage and I'd like to start with screw storage. I have approximately 100 plastic Akro bins which I want to build a hanging cabinet. My thoughts are to make it similar to this but with individual slots for each bin. Before I start I'd like to get some alternative ideas from everyone here. If you have a unique solution using these bins please let me see what you've done.

    Any suggestions on this project would also be appreciated.

    Wes Billups
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    I don't have a picture handy, but I have them hanging from the steel panels they sell specifically for that purpose. I've thought about building a cabinet around them but haven't ever done it. I wouldn't make a fixed shelf system--if you ever get any larger bins you won't be able to use them--I just got some of the larger ones myself last night so that thought is fresh in my mind.

    The steel panels are very sturdy. I'm not sure how much they run since I got three of them free several years ago.

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    Matt, thanks for the response. I've thought about making a version of those steel panels by using plywood and thin pieces of angle iron but have two concerns. The first is that the bins would sag over time due to only being supported by the back lip. The second reason for a cabinet is to reduce dust from getting in them. If you think the weight isn't an issue I may go the plywood and angle iron route and just build a box with a door around the hanging rack.

    I'd also like to hear everyone's comments on building a cabinet with drawers. My thought is the drawers would hold the bins and I could just pull out a drawer and lift the bin out. I don't like this idea as it would be harder to read the bin labels and I'm looking for something which would be relatively cheap to construct.

    Wes Billups

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    "I could just pull out a drawer and lift the bin out."

    I think when your in work mode you find this rather cumbersome.

    I know there is a move in some shops to try to keep dust out of just about everything & that is a great idea but can we make it work in every area?

    So in keeping with this idea & having a small shop I used plastic drawers that I got from Copelands when they closed & also drawers I got from Ace when they changed out theirs for new ones & put them in 14" deep shelves that also hold all my electric hand tools & glues, biscuits, dowels etc.

    I do have & use a DC system & a vacuum on my ROS & a shop vac which gets lots of use helping to keep chips & dust under control.

    Is my shop dust free? (NO) But it is after all a shop & when needed I wear a Dust be gone mask.

    This is my storage system it is simple & no doors because of it being a small shop they limit what you can do. Wall space is non existent. I sometimes need to lean plywood or other material against this cabinet if it had doors it would make things hard to just lean the material out & reach in to get the item needed.
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    I don't have a picture, but one of the easiest ways to hang those plastic bins is from one of those wire shelves they sell as 'closet orgnizers.' Just fasten the shelf flat to the wall, vertically, and hang the bins off the cross wires.

    I picked my shelves up at a garage sale for about 50¢ each, and got some of the bins at garage sales, and others at Harbor Freight. The shelf-as-hanger works quite well.
    Jim D.
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    Screw storage

    Although the shop was not really looking good at this time, this photo was taken as a "before" and the doors were not completed. But it still shows how I utilized the plastic organizers for screws and small parts.
    Sorry about the disorganization.
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    I built two small racks that hold around 10 of these:

    I also use them for my router bits. You can have anywhere from 4 to 24 compartments.
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    I store screws,nails, bolts etc. in:

    • bins on the wall: Click image for larger version. 

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      Only about half my bins are in this picture.

    • containers in systainers: Click image for larger version. 

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      I have three such small parts systainers.

    • their own removable drawers: (there are some such drawers near the bottom of the picture above of the bins)
    Cheers, Frank

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    No pics but my dad has a rig he built 40-50 years ago using baby food jars with a screw through the lid into a square axle with rounded ends that pivots in a frame. There are about 40 of the jars in a pretty compact space. It works pretty well except if you dont get a good grip on the jar when you unscrew it from the rack you end up with broken glass. I've thought about doing something similar with small plastic jars. I'm currently just using a stack of some plastic organizers with small compartments.
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    I used those Akro bins, along with the sheet metal hanger they sell specifically for them. I mounted the rack to a false wall I built under my bench, then loaded it up with thirty five bins. Pictures can be found here.

    I really really like the setup. I can reach back there for a few screws, or if I need a bunch, I simply remove the bin (or bins) I'll be needing then replace them when I'm done.

    Since the Fastenal guy stocked them, I have the bins plenty full, and haven't noticed any sagging. And those are the lorger size bins too, so they hold LOTS of screws!

    Dust isn't a problem. Sure, some gets in the bins, but it's not a problem.

    If I had to do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing.

    Post pics of what you come up with.

    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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