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Thread: Rosand ringkeepers...

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    Rosand ringkeepers...

    The first time I saw a picture of one of Robert Rosand's ringkeepers I did not know who turned it. I also did not know how large or small it was as the picture I saw had no sizes or objects to reference. I thought it was a hollowform turned in the shape of a carafe with a nice little stopper in the top.

    Then a few months ago I was corresponding with another turner about ornament turning and he sent me to Robert Rosand's site. There as I was exploring around was a tutorial on how to turn these little ringkeepers.

    I had a piece of cocobolo that was rounded up for a box that after examining it was found to contain a large crack on one end extending roughly halfway its length thus eliminating it from use as a box so I tossed it in the scrap box. Then after reading the tutorial I realized that it was perfect for a Rosand ringkeeper.

    One thing that was not mentioned in the tutorial was how sharp the edge of the little cup on the top where the flame sits will become while turning it. I found out when my thumb bumped against it and was sliced just as neatly as if it were a meat slicer. Bled like a stuck hog....

    Here is my effort in cocobolo and Macassar ebony; approximately 2 1/2" in diameter and 4" tall. The second ringkeeper is in cherry and bloodwood and is identical in size.

    I have made several of these for Christmas gifts to the ladies in my life. Comments appreciated...
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    Those are great, Mike! Just beautiful

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    Very well done, Mike! These certainly look bigger than they are.

    You raised the same curiosity in me so I had to look up his site. Great article. I may have to try one of these myself. Thanks for posting these.
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    Great idea, and a great job on those Mike!

    here is the article on his site

    -> LINK <-
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    Well Mike, extremely well done.

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    Your work always has such an excellence about it. I really like the cocobolo, but that cherry certainly gets equal attention.

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    Those are very nice, Mike. I may have to look into making something similar.
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