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Thread: Lidded Cup On A Pedestal With A Finial Thingy

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    Lidded Cup On A Pedestal With A Finial Thingy

    I spent all day on this thing (off and on) and it still doesn't suit me. I kept changing the design in mid-stream which resulted in an angular transition near the bottom of the cup, the finial is too heavy and the pictures still look crappy. Other than that, I like it okay.

    The cup and lid are Mulberry that a friend gave me. It's tough stuff to turn. Finish on it is Mylands with Renaissance wax for good measure. The pedestal is Dogwood (I had a scrap chunk) and I used shoe polish to ebonize it...a first for me. It got a coat of spray lacquer from a rattle can.

    The best thing about this piece is that LOML likes it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mulberry Lidded Cup 001.jpg   Mulberry Lidded Cup 002.jpg   Mulberry Lidded Cup 003.jpg  

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    Nice job Cody. I can relate to the changing designs until you run out of wood problem. Still, it looks good. Maybe not exactly what you were after, but sounds like your most important customer was sold on it.

    I also think you win the prize this week for the best project description in a thread title.
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    Very Nice!! I too Love it but please don't consider me LOYL

    I like it so well I may snatch the basic design for a sone to be produced replica....

    Thanks for the posting.

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    Cody you did well on this one. I really like it. I know how it goes when you are trying to get something just right but sooner or later I always run out of wood.
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    That's neat! Shoe polish huh? Well I gave you an idea and you gave me one. I'll have to try a lidded bowl!

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