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Thread: Segmented vase

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    Segmented vase

    This is a vase I designed based on a rather large vase that I liked the form of. The vase turned out to be 16" tall, which is about the max of my Jet 1220 when you get the tail stock, face plate, etc., on the lathe that I needed to turn this. I would appreciate any concerns on shape or design, as it will help me with the next piece, but this one is finished!

    16" tall, 400 pieces of hard maple and 81 pieces of cherry. Twin spirals of cherry. There are 41 rings and 40 of the rings are 12 segments each. All rings are 3/8" tall. Sanded to 800 grit and finished with 3 coats of Waterlox original.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Beautiful work Robert! Really like the size of this one! Color combination works well but will only get better over time! Beautiful flowing form and a great finish! Very, very nice work!

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    I agree with Steve...this is a great piece, Robert. The fit, form, and finish all look excellent from here.
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    Hi Robert ,
    I am a flat worker. You could have saved yourself alot of work and just made one 12 piece segmented circle and that in it self I am sure would have been really nice too! Mind you that is the opinion of just one flat worker.
    Wonderful piece, nice flow on the shape. As the other fellows said, well done!
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    WOW, that is awesome!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    Outstanding! That is truly beautiful, Robert. Thanks for showing it.

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    Beautiful piece Robert. The form and finish are excellent. Well done.
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    Robert that is outstanding, the form is great, the only thing I could say is that the top edge of the rim is a bit thick, and therefore heavy looking, but that could be the pictures as well.

    That segmented turning is very special, all told, how many hours do you think you have into a piece like that?

    VERY nice!
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    Robert, this is a fantastic segmented turning, and a huge one.
    I think this one takes you a lot of time.
    I love segmented turning too.

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    I probably have about 35 hours in it start to finish. I feel like I could do another one in half the time. That is pretty much the way it goes with every segmented piece I do though.

    I made all of the rings out of 4/4 wood and then split them into two pieces on the table saw using a jig that was in Malcolm Tibbetts' book. I offset them 1/2 of a segment and then glued the two rings back together. This gave me two 3/8" thick rings out of each glue up. It worked out very well.

    The entire vase seems to shimmer and changes at each angle that you look at it from. All of the cherry in the pictures is the same color, but when the light hits it at a certain angle, it appears to change color. That is why the middle pieces of cherry in the photos seem to be a different color than the rest of the pieces.

    If you have never tried Waterlox, it was simple to use and gave a great finish.

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