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    Cool Quick & Dirty

    I just finished a built in cabinet for a friend. After first building him several other cabinets,and thought I was done. He came up with ......could you build a cabinet to fit inside the hole in that wall? 38"x39" and 14" deep. It would be to house a collection of cut glass. All but joints and pocket hole construction.
    As none of the joints would show it seemed like a good way to go,the frame that extends around the cabinet hides the entrance into the hole in the wall. The spoon rack was another of his after thoughts. This I made from some extra flooring that I had on my lumber rack. All stuff looks better when you load them up with enough stuff to hide some mistakes.
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    Quick and Dirty are great when you can get away with it, and you certainly did in this one Ron, looks wonderful, I'm sure your buddy was pleased!
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    May have been quick, but it looks pretty clean to me, Ron. Not dirty at all, either literally or figuratively. Nice job.
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