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Thread: Burned Cherry

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    Burned Cherry

    I got a few pieces of Black Cherry from the woodpile of some folks at church. It had been there a few years. The sapwood was all shot, but the heartwood was still nice and hard as a rock.

    This bowl ended up 9" wide and 5" tall with the foot.

    Comments/critiques/suggestions/opinions welcomed.

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    I keep telling you if you sand too hard you're gonna burn the wood.

    I like it a lot, Mark. The texture and contrast really set it off, and the exaggerated foot works great.
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    Wow that is just sweet good job man. I don't turn yet I mould but hopefully soon I will turn. And I hope what I attempt to turn turns out half as good at least as that bowl. agian awsome man awsome!
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    Beautiful work Mark! Love the contrast between the inside natural color and the exterior burned area. Great form - reminds me of an ancient Greek bowl. Looks like it must have taken you a few minutes to burn the pattern - what did you use for a finish? Very nice work! Your folder in 'My Favorites' section is getting rather large!!!

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    No finish yet, Steve... will probably just spray some sanding sealer on the outside and use some Seal-a-Cell on the inside.

    Took me about 2.5 hours to burn this...
    If you have a pulse you have a purpose...

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    Mark...the contrast between the inside and outside of that bowl is gorgeous! Nicely done Sir! I like everything about it.

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    All I can say is, "Oh, wow!", Mark. Great looking piece and I have to agree with all the others on the details. Stunning piece, really.

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    Mark, all I can say is WOW, what a stunning piece. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Mark, some great piece you have posted. I love them, but like Nancy said, I could comment and critique them if they were closer. Say in hand?

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    Mark, this is beautiful. Well done.
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