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Thread: Spalted Hacberry Vase and bowl

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    Spalted Hacberry Vase and bowl

    I've been busy on the lathe as I wrote here:

    These are spalted hackberry that my dad brought up to me last month. The vase is 7" W X 10" T and the small bowl is 6"W X 5"T. Finish is Watco Danish Oil, but I think I will add some wipe on poly to each as well. Comments and critques are strongly encouraged.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bowl 24.JPG   Hackberry vase.JPG   Hackberry vase1.JPG  
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    Beautiful wood Jeff! You must have caught it at just the right time - before it became to soft to turn! The Watco brought out the spalting really good. Have to believe some poly would help make things pop even more! Nice work! Looking forward to seeing what you turn next!

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    What Steve said. I think that's some of the best-looking spalted hackberry I've seen. Great job, Jeff.
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    Wow! That is some gawgeous hunk of wood. Great job on these. It really shows the wood off well.
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    Jeff, this is something that looks really very good, what a beautiful wood.
    Well you really know how to spend your time.

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    Really appreciate you vase , it shows so well in photo nunber 2.
    I think the spalted hackberry is my favorite wood.
    Good job!
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    Thats a beauty Jeff. Love that wood. Well done.
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    The simple forms really allow the spalting to speak for itself. Nice.
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