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Thread: Small Maple Bowl

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    Small Maple Bowl

    Turned a small Maple bowl a couple of days ago – just to make sure I remembered how. Roughed out the blank this past summer and then soaked in DNA for a few hours. Couldn’t believe how light weight the blank was when I unwrapped it! Had to have been real dry!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bowl is 7 5/8” in diameter x 2 ¾” high. Sanded to 400, a few coats of Antique Oil and then buffed.

    Comments / Critiques are always welcome!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Steve, looks like you remembered how Well Done
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    Very nice! Perfect for cold cereal ... uh, if that would even be allowed.

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    Nice wood, nice form, great job!

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    Steve, you really know very well how to do it, it's a beauty my friend.

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    Steve well done. I like the simple form.
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    Jeff beat me to it but yeppers, it looks like you still remember how to do a bowl. Looks real nice.
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