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Thread: Southwestern Style Birch HF

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    Southwestern Style Birch HF

    Been spending most of my turning time trying to figure out hollow forms. Its fun but a lot more time consuming when compared to bowls. This birch hollow form is based on my loose interpretation of some of the Southwestern pottery styles. The wood has a number of knots, a few cracks (hopefully filled), some curl and a lot of personality. It was fun to turn and I managed to keep most of it around 3/8.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HF 7 Birch 1.jpg 
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Name:	HF 7 Birch 4.jpg 
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    Hollow form is 9 in diameter x almost 6 high. Sanded to 400, two coats of Watco Natural Danish Oil, 4 or 5 light coats of Minwax Gloss Poly and then buffed.

    I look forward to your comments and/or critiques!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Steve, this one looks great as well. I like to loosely base my turnings on other forms as well. Gets you some great ideas, but still makes it your own. Well done.
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    Steve, Steve, Steve! You're getting to be a HF turning machine!

    I like the form on this one. That flat top and deep shoulder is a booger to reach up under, huh?

    You need a photo tent and backdrop, man! This deserves a classy pic.
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    Thanks for the kind words. Been thinking - a lot - about a photo tent setup. Racking my brain about how to do the frugal, etc. Will have to come up with something as I ended up taking about 35 photos before I decided that I could 'live' with these. Gots to be something I can do that will give me better photos - the turnings just don't come across the same as when you are looking at them in person. I am sure you guys have all already been through it and understand what I am saying. Will make the effort and improve photo quality - thanks!

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    Steve it is a beauty. I like it a lot the form and finish. Well done.
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    Steve, very well done, it looks like you turn more and more into a hollow form affair, which is very good of course. Keep em going.

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    Thumbs up You nailed this one!

    Steve, as a resident of the great Southwest and the owner of several pieces of Native American pottery, I can tell you that this piece would fit right in with all the pottery I've seen. It has the right form and that wood just sings. Nice work!!!

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    Good stuff, Steve! Nice work!
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    Very pretty piece, Steve. And although the pics aren't bad, I agree with Neal and you about the need for a better photo setup...your work deserves it.

    I use my photo rig on virtually every piece I turn. If you're wrestling with the cost for the photo tent setup, think about how little it will cost per turning.
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    Vaughn - it's not so much the cost of a photo setup - it's trying to figure out exactly what I need (claiming ignorance). I did a number of photos this morning trying to duplicate your advice - used the 2 second timer, a tripod but found the smallest F stop my camera goes to is F8. I am using a Canon A70 - anyway, lots of the photos were out of focus. Tried playing with the background but realized (after an hour) that I need a backdrop. Am in process of checking on-line and plan on getting something in-place ASAP. Thanks for the push - from both you and Neal!

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