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Thread: Cold Warriors . . .

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    Cold Warriors . . .

    Look Ma' no lathe ! Spartan ABM from the Safegaurd ADA System in conjuction with the Sprint ABM. It ain't " flatwork " but pretty cool. 56cm tall. Oak first stage / skirt, poplar second stage & WHS, pine air fins, stained red oak base.Did'nt really consider getting a good alignment when I decided on two assemblies so God bless the bench sander for squaring the mateing surfaces. Also found the value of proportional dividers when going from photo to actual. VERY good investment ! OK, OK, yes, just showing off !
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    So when are you going to launch them?

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    Cool work, Steve. I think I'll send a copy of the pic to a buddy of mine
    who's built a few rockets himself. (He's got a Saturn V that's to die for.)
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