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Thread: Help drawing curved post

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    Help drawing curved post

    Dave this is a file of a post with a curved shape 45 deg off the front face.
    It seems ok when I look at it in the individual views except for the iso. Maybe you could look at it to see what it needs to look better.

    I am sorry I missed your PM yesterday.

    Curved Post.skp

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    Keith, hopefully this is what you want.

    I copied the shape of the curve and moved out away from the leg. I closed up the leg to make it look solid. The beveled edge on the leg isn't required. It would be created in the process anyway. The profile of the cut was extended a bit and I added a little to the leg's length, both top and bottom. This was to ensure that Intersect with model would work correctly along the edges.
    Push/Pull runs the shape through the leg.
    Select leg and profile and run Intersect.
    Delete the waste and correct face orientations as needed.

    Is that what you were trying to get?
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    The way I tried to build it was:
    1. create the curved faced solid
    2. deleted everything except the curved face
    3. draw the end view shape on one end
    4. copied the end view shape to the other end
    5. then in hidden view completed the lines to make a solid

    Would that have worked if I actually did it correctly?

    Thanks for the file Dave as usual your way seems easier.

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    Keith, yes, you could have done that. You would have to draw horizontal lines from the vertices on the arcs to the other edges. I don't know how many it would take to get the faces to fill but I expect there would be some interesting stuff going on where the arc passes through the corners of the leg.

    One thing to try to think about when you want to do this sort of thing is what would the cutter look like if you were going to make this from wood. Instead of imagining a bandsaw blade in this case (I assume that's how you'd cut this arc.) think about a giant shaper cutter. And instead of thinking of it rotating, think of the volume of space it would occupy as it is moved through the work.

    That might help you get an idea of how to attack these sorts of problems. Here's an example I did some time ago. It shows the same idea.

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