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Thread: Intro - Charlie Velasquez

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    Intro - Charlie Velasquez

    Hello to all,
    I'm an elementary school teacher nearing retirement. I have just started woodworking as a hobby. I started off with a Dewalt RAS, Craftsman lathe, old Craftsman router, Craftsman Drill press and various other hand tools.; all part of my father's estate. Since I started about a year ago I have added a 3-phase unisaw and a Foley-Belsaw 14" bandsaw... neither of which are running yet. Need to build a rotary converter for the unisaw and need to repair the blade tensioning mechanism on the bandsaw. I have also added a couple of routers, the Milwaukee 5625 for a dedicated table and the DW618B3.

    I recognized a number of names from SMC whose opinions I grew to trust, and as a neophyte, I can use all the experienced advice I can get!

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    hi charlie!
    [SIZE="1"] associated with several importers and manufacturers.[/SIZE]

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    Hey Charlie, sounds like you have a good start, got any shop pics to share?

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    Welcome Charlie, we are growing quickly so jump in as you see fit. We have set this up as a member driven democratic site so all opinions count.

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    welcome aboard

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    Charley, get ready for retirement, it's a kick.

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    Welcome Charlie, sounds like you have the start of a great shop working.

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    Very nice to meet y ou Charlie. I and quite a few other members here will be anxious to see what you've got in the way of your shop tools. Like Stu says, we love pics here. (But be careful, There is a picture policeman that hangs around here checking up on us. )
    Thanks, Mark.

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    Welcome Charlie thanks for joining


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