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Thread: Customer Service Kudos

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    Customer Service Kudos

    Figured I'd offer up an anti-rant about a recent Internet purchase...

    I recently bought a few woodburning supplies from Woodcarver's Supply. It's a company I've not dealt with before. Last night I plugged in -- for the first time -- one of the burning pens I'd gotten from them, and it heated up for about ten seconds, then died. There are no replaceable parts on this pen, so I knew there were no loose connections I could fix. I called Woodcarver's Supply Customer Service, and after a quick description of the problem, the lady told me they'd ship one out this afternoon, and I could return the faulty one in the same box. No questions asked.

    That's the kind of service that will turn me into a repeat customer, and cause me to tell the story on the Internet.
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    That's the kind of service we need to here about. I kind of get sick and tired of people ranting and raving against sears and the others. You get what you pay for really so its good to hear something good for a change. Thanks for posting Vaughn.
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    Yep, a good rant is NICE to see!
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    As a one-time wannabe carver, I found that the woodcarving community is even more closely knit than turners or other wood workers. Invariably, they are all great folks and have a sharing and helping attitude. Glad things worked out for you.
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