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Thread: Rockler Sale Flyer

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    Rockler Sale Flyer

    I just spotted this on Rockler's site.

    PC-690 for $99 is a pretty good deal

    Rockler's HVLP sprayer for $59..... normally $99. It has some good reviews for a low cost HVLP sprayer. Does anyone have this? I was thinking about getting one. Keep in mind I do WW as a hoby and not a profession.
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    Sean, I have the Harbor Freight version of that same sprayer, and I have no complaints. I've only used it a few times, and I've only sprayed water-based poly with it, but it has done a fine job for me.
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    Just to throw in my .02, the 90* Jet clamps at $12.50 apiece is a great price. I got four at Lowe's for that price when they were closing them out. This is a thing I would not spend $30 apiece for but at the low price, they have come in very handy and I'm glad I have them.

    $24 for the tool and vacuum switch isn't bad either although I believe there is a C-man version for about $20. This is another item I picked up at a sale price and have been very happy about.

    $10 off the Wixey Angle gauge is worth a look too and I love those Universal fence clamps. They were on my list to make but at $15, I just bought them. They are a boon to the Bies. I also use them on the CMS.
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