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Thread: Pull saw . . .

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    Pull saw . . .

    The more I play with this thing the more I learn what it'll do. At the moment I've just got this " Shark Saw " jobber with the handy-dandy push button blade release thingie. Like the plastic handle were worth keeping. Anyway . . . I've always adimired the look of the pretty Japanese saws in LV, GW, etc. and wondered if the price up-grade were worth what it might do for cuts I haven't even thought of yet. Keeping in mind that, in most cases, you get what you pay for AND the saw isn't going to perform tricks I can't do anyway, whats the scoop on these higher end saws ? I just can't help but think that if I had one I'd have those " well I COULD use that saw " moments.

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    You've said it, the saw will not perform any tricks, but in my experience it is better to buy once a good saw that twice cheaper saws.

    Cheap saws/tools lead to strugling and lower the quality of your joints/cuts, and their sharpness lasts less.

    Besides as they are expensive one is forced to treat them well and care for them.
    Would you use your best chisel that may have cost you up to 150$ to pry open a paint can?

    Ultra high end quality tools, are for those who can afford them and will pay for them, but many times those tools remain unused for the same reason of their expensiveness, and become some sort of collector's items.

    I prefer to buy good tools and depending on budget and the times I think I'm going to really use it I spend more or less money on them.

    Then when somebody wants to make me a present I ask for that special tool I'd like to have and don't dare to buy because of their cost.

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