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Thread: Wood Design (part 2)

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    Wood Design (part 2)

    Far away view of wild grain pattern middle piece
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Close up view wild grain middle piece
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Far away normal grain middle piece
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Close up view normal grain middle piece
    Click image for larger version. 

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    These pictures might help more than the ones I did earlier since things are closer to the size they will be. Comments welcome
    I think the wild one more matches the legs where as the other one more matches the top and bottom rails, I could go either way on this right now as I look at the pictures.
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    You've obviously got some fairly wild grain on a number of the smaller rails and I can't help thinking that if you surround the wilder centre piece with them that it would somehow lead you into expecting the wild grain. If you can arrange them so that it looks like they were cut from a board with plain edges and wild middle I suspect it would work nicely.
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    Hi Aaron ,
    I will be voting on the plain grain pattern. As Tim said you do have a number of interesting grain patterns on the smaller pieces. Each piece has 4our sides to chose from. I think I would like to see you let the design evolve from the center plain piece outward using the smaller pieces to create the interest. With the wild one in the center and all the little ones left and right I do believe it looks a bit busy.
    Good luck, nice project!
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    A lot of us think grain patterns are interesting and try to display as many as possible, BUT They are distracting from the design of the piece and should be avoided when they are not the central feature of the piece. Turn the Flat grain sides of the spindles to the side so that the edge grain shows, this will keep with the A&C theme and the basic design. Agree, use the plainer grained piece and turn the legs 90 degrees and also display the edge grain to keep the entire piece "Grain Correct"

    MHO, I feel you would realize this after it is too late and will have to live with the decision.

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