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Thread: Bessey K Body Extender "Great Price!"

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    Bessey K Body Extender "Great Price!"

    Bessey K Body Extender - Give your Ks extra reach If you love your K body clamps, but find them literally coming up short for a few projects, these extender brackets will save the day. Made of durable aluminum, the extenders will connect 2 K Bodies to give you the extra reach you need, without loss of clamping strength or parallelism. Maintains flush connection between clamp bars. Sold per each.

    Product Details Pricing
    Item #16419 Price: $15.99
    Sale: $9.98
    Ships By: Nov 26, 2007

    I paid $14.99 for mine and have used them quite a few times!

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    That is a good price. Thanks Don!

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    Just ordered a couple. Thanks Don!


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    The downside to those is that they only fit the newer clamps with the plastic stop on the end of the bar.

    Older clamps have to be modified. They have a crimp in the bar to keep the head from coming off, and no hole in the bar. To use the extenders, you have to file/grind the crimp off, and drill a properly sized (and spaced) hole in the bar.

    Then, after doing that, you have to use a bolt -or something - through that hole when you're not using the extenders, to keep the head from sliding off.

    Not a big deal, but the mod is a bit time-consuming if you need to do it to eight clamps for a large scale glue up. Something to do in your 'spare' time - not when you're in the middle of a job and suddenly discover you need a longer clamp!
    Jim D.
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